Waxstock 2017 Detailing World SHOWDOWN ENTRY & Adult Ticket

Waxstock 2017 Detailing World SHOWDOWN ENTRY & Adult Ticket

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Showdown Selection, Entry Wristband and Waxstock 2017 Sticker

This ticket get you entry into the Detailing World SHOWDOWN selection for the Top 16. Note that it does not guarantee a place in the Top 16.

If you do not qualify for the Top 16 on Saturday 22nd July (as detailed below), you will automatically be entered into the Waxstock indoor Arrive and Shine, with a GUARANTEED space inside the hall.

As well as entry to SHOWDOWN selection, this ticket includes:

1x adult entry wristband

1x 2017 Waxstock vinyl car sticker

Please note that this ticket does not include passenger wristbands (these need to be purchased separately) and that no refunds can be given after purchase, although the wristband and car spot could be passed on to a third party if the original purchaser is unable to show up on selection day.

- Selection of cars will commence on Saturday 22nd July at 1pm; any of the remaining 16 Showdown spaces will then be filled by late entrants, standard hall display cars etc.
- No more than 30 Showdown ticket types will be made available.
- Showdown cars will be in the hall overnight with less than half a tank of fuel (no/low fuel for 1960s classic cars or earlier), and no car movement will be possible until the show closes to the public on Sunday 23rd July at approx 4.30-5pm.
- No refunds will be given for indoor display cars that arrive late, with too much fuel or that cannot be embedded in the hall for any other reason.
- Cars that do not make the Top 16 Showdown will be eligible for a premium hall indoor display spot and automatically entered into the Arrive and Shine.
- Indoor display cars must be adequately insured by the owner and are displayed at the owner’s risk.
- Additional passenger wristbands must be purchased separately.
- Entry/selection information will be sent approximately two weeks before the show, by email, in early July. Wristbands and stickers will be sent soon after purchase.