Q: I have a 2020 wristband, but didn't get my 2022 replacement wristband, what can I do?
- We emailed all 2020 ticketholders multiple times to ask them if they wanted a refund or if they had changed address, and also put up extensive social media notifications. Then all non-responding 2020 ticketholders were sent a new wristband or wristbands for 2022 to the address they gave on their booking originally. This happened a couple of months ago. No replacement wristbands are now being sent out, due to potential fraud. 

Q: Someone is trying to sell me a 2020 wristband saying it can be exchanged on the door for a new 2022 one. Is this legit?
- No, all 2020 wristbands are now void and there are no swaps at the booking office or show on the day. We have replaced all wristbands via email contact directly with the original purchasers. Do not purchase 2020 wristbands. They are worthless, apart from being a fun memento of an event that never happened. THERE ARE NO WRISTBAND SWAPS ON THE DAY. 2020 GREEN WRISTBANDS ARE VOID.

Q: What if I forget my 2022 wristband on the day of the show? Will proof of purchase suffice to get inside?
- No, someone could enter the show with the wristband and someone else could enter with proof of purchase if this was allowed. You will need to buy a new 2022 wristband on the day at the box office and then post back the UNUSED 2022 wristband ( the one left at home) with your order number/name/address/email so we can find you on our system, and we can then refund that original purchase. The address to use is Waxstock, Unit 10 Golds Business Park, Jenkins Drive, Elsenham, Essex CM22 6JX.

Q: What if I have Covid on the day of the show?
- Please don't attend, for the safety of staff and visitors. We will refund you after the event, just send us the wristband back as we have detailed in the answer above.

Q: Why did Waxstock move date from late July to the Jubilee weekend?
- The Coventry Building Society Arena is hosting the Commonwealth Games this year and unsurprisingly the set up and dates required for this trumped Waxstock. We took a date earlier rather than later in the year to get the best detailing weather, however, the Jubilee dates were announced AFTER contracts had been signed. Waxstock is just one day of a four day public holiday, so we hope you can still make it - it will be a Detailing Jubilee after all.

Q: I've purchased a wristband but now can't make the show, can I get a refund?
- We can't give any refunds before the event itself, but you are free to sell your wristband on to someone else, perhaps via a detailing Facebook group etc.