Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the show has been postponed to the new date of 18th July 2021. Therefore, all current ticket holders will retain their ticket(s) which will be exchanged for the new date wristbands at the show.

Got a 2020 ticket already - you have a ticket to the 2021 show automatically, simples.

Lets go through some potential questions:

Q: I have a wristband already, do i need to do anything to get a ticket for the 2021 event?
- NO, just keep a hold of the wristband and the email confirmation for updated wristband at the show in 2021. You are totally set.

Q: Do you have any official documentation for the event postponement?
- Yes, we have prepared and are making available a document you can download and print, officially postponing Waxstock. Download here.

Q: I don't already have a ticket, can i buy a ticket for the new date?
- At the moment we are suspending sales as we are giving priority to making sure all concerned are assured that this, health directive policy lead, decision is the best for all involved. We want to make sure sponsors, exhibitors, visitors and staff all understand and are taken care of best we can - then we may be able to re-open ticket sales.

Q: I am devastated that Waxstock has been postponed, I can't imagine all the time and effort that has been put in already and that now has to be carefully managed for this delay. Is there anything i can do?
- First, thank you. As the landscape changes over the coming months we will need to see what happens. BUT, if you want to help support the show then check out the 2020 Waxstock vinyl below.