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Where and when is Waxstock?

Waxstock is held at Coventry Arena CV6 6GE on Saturday 22nd July 2023 and Sunday 23rd July 2023. Public opening hours are 3pm-7pm on the 'early access' Saturday preview day where we deliberately limit visitor numbers for a more relaxed vibe than the busy Sunday. The main Sunday show is open 9.30am-4.30pm.

What's the difference between the Saturday and Sunday show days?

Whilst the Top 16 Showdown cars are on display on Saturday, the 'turn up and compete' Arrive and Shine will only take place on the Sunday. Visitor numbers are limited on Saturday for a more relaxed atmosphere. You'll be first to see new products and grab some of the best bargains on Saturday, but there'll still be plenty to see and buy on Sunday.

Where do I get tickets?

Just go to Eventbrite for your tickets here.

How do I get my wristbands?

Please bring a printout of your ticket, or have the e-ticket displayed on your phone  (this should be on your emails) to the main box office at the entrance of the arena. This will then be scanned and in return you will be given a wristband for entry. You will get one wristband for a day ticket (Sat/Sun) or both Saturday and Sunday wristbands for a weekend ticket.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No, we pay for parking so you don't have to. There are barriers but they will lift up automatically on the open public show days. Do not pay for parking at any pay machines inside or outside the arena as refunds cannot be given. Remember, some shows at large arenas charge over £10 just to park (NEC is currently £12.85 booked in advance) - we include this cost in your ticket price.

If there disabled parking at the arena?

Yes, Car Park A has designated disabled parking just a short way from the main entrance.

How do I enter the Top 16 Showdown?

Get an Indoor Car Showdown Entry ticket here, at the bottom of the list of tickets. If they have all gone, sorry, you will have to enter next year. If you will be arriving on the day with a friend, they will need a normal weekend ticket. Once you have your Indoor Car Showdown Entry ticket, you will be invited to arrive on Saturday around lunchtime for selection. The Top 16 cars are then chosen to be embedded in the hall for the Showdown - the highest respected detailing competition in the UK show calendar. The remaining 20 or so cars are then embedded elsewhere in the hall. Everyone has an indoor space (assuming they arrive at the designated time!). Please note that there is no car movement after embedding on the Saturday until cars are released after 5pm on the Sunday. Pre-1984 cars need to have a fuel light on (or no fuel) to be allowed in; more modern cars just need to be clean and shiny.

How do I enter the Arrive and Shine on the Sunday?

Turn up from 7am-8am on the Sunday for the best chance of entering the Sunday Arrive and Shine competition in the premium car park outside the Arena (Car Park A, Arrive and Shine signposted at the beginning of the day). We allow a maximum of 150 cars to enter. Some cars may be able to be parked inside if space dictates (from approx 8.30am - pre-1984 cars will need fuel light on, no car movement until after 5pm). If your car is parked in the Arrive and Shine car park, it will be judged during the day and you could win a prize if you attend the prizegiving at around 3pm (main stage, inside the hall). Only ticketholders can enter the Arrive and Shine and win prizes.

Is there special parking for car clubs?

No, as we have limited parking space, but we will park car club members together in the Arrive and Shine car park if they arrive together. This creates a bit of a club stand vibe, especially when the club banners come out.

Is it an event for children?

Waxstock is as much a trade convention as it is a car show and there are far better events to keep young people entertained. However, we appreciate that you may have childcare needs and detailers often start young. So we allow toddlers under 4 in for free and have reduced ticket rates for children between 4-14 years of age. Over 14s need an adult ticket.

Do you have other concessions?

Unfortunately not, although registered carers will be able to get a wristband from the box office/registration kiosk when they enter with the ticketholder they are looking after.

Can I re-enter the arena?

Yes, you will be given a wristband at registration/box office that allows you to enter and re-enter the arena, should you visit the Arrive and Shine area or deposit purchases in your parked car.

I don't like crowds, when is the event quietest?

On the Sunday, the show quietens down after 2pm. Arrive just after lunch on the Sunday for a more relaxed vibe and to avoid the entrance queues. Or try Saturday 'Early Access' day where we limit visitor numbers deliberately.

I feel ill on the day and may have COVID - what should I do?

Please don't attend the event if you feel unwell; we can give you a ticket refund after the event if you had COVID (assuming your ticket has not been used/scanned on the day).