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Last year we were all put in a difficult position due to the Covid pandemic and for the safety of both our exhibitors and attendees, we moved the date to 2021 in the hope that things would have returned to normal. Unfortunately, the global situation is still incredibly difficult regarding the organisation and running of indoor events.

Waxstock has developed a lot since its inception and now has a very social vibe, where everyone (from the beginner to the professional) can mingle and gain knowledge from each other, as well as from the multitude of detailing companies that exhibit from all over the world. This vibe is what we feel makes Waxstock the event that it is, and we have heard from you that you feel the same. Waxstock is a social event. It is also a substantial global event, potentially even the biggest of its kind, and we don’t want it to be compromised in this area.

That is why - with regret and reluctance - we have chosen to postpone the event until 2022. We appreciate that everyone wanted to see Waxstock 2021 go ahead, and we ourselves were no exception. The new date for the Waxstock event at RICOH Arena will now be Sunday 5th June 2022.

We have been in close talks with RICOH event management, who are keeping in line with government policies and procedures to keep things safe both for staff and visitors. For us to hold the event this year as planned, a mere month or so after the earliest possible release from lockdown measure in the UK, we would have been forced to plan an event that was completely different from what we all expect from Waxstock. These requirements left us to believe that the event would be so unrecognisable that we should only run it when it can ‘be itself’ again – and therefore move it again, to 2022.

Whilst events are returning to the calendar in 2021, INDOOR events like Waxstock are far more problematic to run. They also need to be planned and managed many months in advance. Even though the UK may technically be out of lockdown in July (assuming no new variants, third waves, vaccination shortages etc) the event we could have hosted would simply have fallen short of what you expect. A busy, vibrant, social event had become out of the question.

  • Limited number of people in the hall at any one time – leading to splitting the attendees into morning and afternoon slots, strict policy of no changing slot on the day and each ticket holder only getting half a day to see the show.
  • Larger walkways / one way system – leading to less space available for cars and exhibitors. The one-way system would have added a more forced progression with difficulty to interact as freely as usual.
  • Usual Covid restrictions, like facemasks to be worn at all time and socially distanced queues - plus the possibility of Covid testing on the door, vaccine passports or other measures - that could make entry slower and decrease overall enjoyment of the event.
  • International travel restrictions will not fall into line with the UK policies – leading to the loss of exhibitors and attendees alike.

So we’ve negotiated a date 6 weeks earlier than normal in 2022 (to lessen the wait and hopefully secure the best weather we can), at Coventry RICOH Arena once again, and hope that you can join us next year for Waxstock as it should be run.

All current ticketholders will have the opportunity to receive a full refund or to have a new ticket issued for the 2022 event. All traders will stay on the floorplan as they are, with current bookings transferring to 2022 automatically.

IF YOU HAVE A 2020 TICKET AND WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND IN 2022, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. We will be sending all current ticketholders new wristbands around February next year. The old 2020 wristbands you have can be disposed of, or kept as a memento. They will NOT be valid for entry on the day. All INDOOR CAR DISPLAY ticketholders will be specifically asked whether they wish to display a car inside for 2022 and refunds given if this will, or cannot, be the case (indoor car display tickets for the Showdown sell out fast and are hard to come by).

If you have purchased a ticket for the 2020 event and WOULD LIKE A REFUND, please email 'REFUND' to We will process your refund as soon as we can (please allow up to 5 working days).

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We hope to see you all in 2022 when Covid has - we hope - finally been beaten.

In the meantime, please stay safe and enjoy your detailing.