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Why Waxstock is unmissable...

There’s so much to see at Waxstock, so get to the show early and check the timetable (on signs and in the FREE show guide given out to visitors) or our Facebook page, to see what’s on, where it is and when it’s taking place.
Attractions include:

The Ultimate Finish Top16 Showdown

The most impartial and most rigorously-judged Show and Shine in the UK is the Ultimate Finish Top16 SHOWDOWN. Daily driver or garage queen, bagged scene star or family runabout, if it’s detailed to the highest levels it stands a chance of winning a trophy. And EVERY entrant gets a goody bag stuffed with detailing supplies (usually worth about £80 or so). It works like this. Five judges scrutinise the 16 entries from nose to tail, using a sophisticated ‘weighted’ points system. The top and bottom marks from each judge then get deleted, to prevent bias, and then we tot up the scores to find our winners. Previous winners include a 100k mile VW Lupo and a 1966 Ford Cortina, so any car could win. Note that cars need to be ready for selection on Saturday 4th June (prep day) and will then be embedded in the hall overnight (limited wash bay facilities will be provided on the Saturday afternoon if you need them). Enter by choosing the ‘SHOWDOWN ENTRY SELECTION’ ticket type on the tickets page. Those who don’t make final selection on the Saturday will automatically be entered into the indoor Arrive and Shine and placed in a premium position within the hall on Saturday afternoon. Note: you won’t have access to your car on Saturday night and can’t drive it out of the hall until show closes on Sunday. New fuel regs apply meaning modern cars simply need under half a tank of fuel, but classic cars (1984 or earlier) will still need minimum fuel/fuel light on.


Gliptone Arrive and Shine – inc. indoor display

The Gliptone Arrive and Shine event is a wider competition, mostly for cars that turn up on the day. If there’s space left in the halls after show set up on Saturday night, early Sunday arrivals (from 7.30am) may be selected for indoor display at 8.15am– if you want to display your car inside, ensure that it has less than half a tank of fuel (unless pre-1984 classic car, in which case it needs to be on low/no fuel) and that you are happy to leave your car in the Arena until show closure at approx 5pm. We cannot guarantee indoor selection as it depends if we have spaces left inside the hall. To GUARANTEE displaying your car inside, we recommend you prep it to the highest levels and pay extra to enter it into the SHOWDOWN competition (which comes with an allocated indoor space, whether selected for the Showdown Top 16 or not).
The main Gliptone Arrive and Shine display will be in the premium car park at the front of the Arena, a short walk from the hall. Entry to the Arrive and Shine closes at 10.30am (or when entry capacity of 150 cars has been reached) and the winners will be announced on stage at around 3.30pm. The categories are:

   Best Finish

   Best New Car (< 3 yrs)

   Best Older Car (3 > 10yrs)

   Best Classic Car (10 > yrs)

   Best Works Vehicle

   Car Club Winner

    The Works Vehicle category is fiercely contested by professional detailers and valeters, with work vans battling it out for top honours. Car Clubs compete for a trophy by means of a points system – the three highest-scoring club cars make up the team entry.

    Main Stage and Feature Cars

    We often won't know what's on where until nearer the day itself, so keep an eye on our Facebook pages and Instagram. Plus we tend to publish the floorplan and programme a few days before, so check out the socials if you want to plan your day. Otherwise, just turn up and enjoy. You won't be bored and there's plenty going on.

    Center Stage

    Kim's Corner

    Thanks to the generosity of professional product tester Kim Adams (Auto Express etc), Waxstock gets to sell you a stand-full of nearly-new detailing products for a fraction of their high street price, with ALL money raised going to charity. Every year it raises around £1000 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Just remember to get to the stand as early as possible to get the pick of the products… or come at the end of the day to make an offer on what’s left. Everything must go, and if it doesn’t, we halve the price for next year!

    Kim's Corner