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Waxstock wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our show sponsors. An indoor show of this size costs a considerable amount of time, money and effort to put. Our sponsors help keep gate prices low, the car parking free, as well as ensuring that features are well run and that prizes are plentiful and generous.

This year, our main sponsors are:

Dodo JuiceFrom the kitchen stove to influential car care manufacturer in just a few years, Dodo Juice is now less of a spring chicken and more of a wise old bird - celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2017. Famous for hand made, high quality specialist detailing products, Dodo Juice went on to create Waxstock with Detailing World to ensure that the industry had its own event in the face of hundreds of non-specialist classic and general motor shows. One of the few companies to make its own products to its own recipes, Dodo Juice prides itself on an impartial and informal approach, supplying everything from the most natural waxes to high tech nano-ceramic sealants. There are no black and white answers to detailing questions, but thanks to Dodo Juice there is always a lime green one... and it's probably whsipered into your ear by a small blue mascot called Mr Skittles the Third.


Clean + ShinyClean and Shiny was one of the earliest specialist online car care retailers, growing alongside a fledgling Detailing World about a decade ago. Some of the earliest detailing meets were held at the old C&S headquarters, but due to other projects, there was a hiatus in trading for a number of years until 2015 when Clean and Shiny was resurrected by the founding director. Reborn, reinvigorated and now firmly re-established, Clean and Shiny is one of the UK's foremost car care retailers, stocking a wide range of quality produce and equipment. Visit its Hampshire base and you are likely to be met by two out of the three Detailing World 'fathers' and the almost equally legendary 'Hello' Dave, who delights customers by creating artwork to order on their invoices.


NanolexNanolex is Germany's leading nano technology car care specialist, offering a full spectrum of surface cleansers and protectants for your vehicle. With innovation and quality core to their philosophy, Nanolex has built up a loyal fan base across Europe, who like the company's no-nonsense and pragmatic approach. Look out for their flagship Si3D sealant. Nano tech at its best.


Pro Valets and DetailersPVD is one third cooperative, one third trade association and one third publishing house. It helps professional valeters and detailers unite under a single brand to harness combined marketing resources and opportunities, and benefit from the shared knowledge of an authoritative detailing magazine. For a small monthly cost, a PVD member will be advertised far and wide and enjoy unrivalled support. Don't forget to check out the latest issue of the PVD Magazine at the show - and the free Waxstock show guide published by PVD.


RupesRupes is an Italian toolmaker, established in 1947. Whilst they have produced specialist machine polishers for many years, the advent of the BigFoot machine polisher propelled them to centre stage in the detailing market. With a choice of a 15mm or 21mm orbital throw, compared to the standard 6mm throw for a DAS-6, the BigFoot offers a larger cutting area for swifter results, without the risk of hologramming associated with rotary machines. A range of pads and polishes complement these machines, and don’t forget the smaller Ibrido for ‘spot’ work in confined areas.


Valet PROValetPRO have been a trade favourite for years, specialising in effective car cleaning chemicals for professional users. Today, their products are enjoyed by a much wider audience, from car owners of every type to the most discerning detailing enthusiasts. If you haven't heard of Bilberry wheel cleaner, where have you been? Although if you've got 5 litres of Dragon's Breath in the back of your detailing van you may be let off...